1. Kickin’ ass lastnite.
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  2. Les fleurs et le chat
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  3. The problem is that older men have balls. They have the balls to ask, to talk, to flirt. I mean any guy between the ages of 18 and 24 can’t seem to grasp the concept of fucking talking to girls. Like god damn it’s not that hard. So that is why we end up with older men.
    Oh god, we have daddy issues…
    — Kelli Landry on the subject of us and 30 year olds.

  4. The most romantic thing a guy said to me-

    Fuck toi.


  5. nolabeings:

    "I’m from Crowley and this is my first beginning to end Boucherie. I’ve never seen the whole process through and I never been involved in it. Today I was in it and it was mind-blowing. Toby let me grab the fucking pig and after he shot it and held it down I was rubbing it like it was my dog, putting it to sleep. And the prayer was read and it was so emotional for me. There was tears - I was hiding ‘em but it was there. I wish every single person on the planet that eats meat could experience this. When he started reading the prayer, that Cajun French, that’s when it really came to fruition - the history. That this is a real thing. this isn’t something that somebody just set up on Facebook, it’s part of my heritage. It’s part of everybody’s heritage. This is what we do as human beings. It’s a respect that you raised this fucking animal, you sustained it and now it’s going to sustain you and everybody else. It sounds like a barbaric thing but it’s really not. It’s an important part of life. I think we’re really disconnected. We need to get back to seeing where the animal comes from, seeing how it died, and knowing that the animal you’re eating was a real fucking animal with eyeballs and a heartbeat and feet and ears and tails that wag. And it really really does make it more delicious." #nolabeings #neworleans #louisianaculture #boucherie


  6. nolabeings:

    “I do a lot of research on folklore and all these things I grew up seeing, just kind of exploring them more because I can see them better. One of the things that came up was just our veneration of Mary, South Louisianans’ veneration of Mary. We still do it. And I think it’s just a beautiful thing so I like to document the statues people display in their yards - “yard grottos” or “bathtub Mary’s” or whatever they call them. I’m working on a book that is a collection of Mary statues from the Prairie des Femmes - the prairie near Arnaudville where my husband built our house by hand. Part of it is integrating people’s personal veneration, from seeing the way they paint the statues, the way they have gardens around the statues, things that they put at the statues’ feet. It’s all super personal and it’s something that I wanted to document and shine a little light on because I think it’s a good thing and, like our French, it might not be as common as it used to be. You see less and less as we build cookie-cutter houses in neighborhoods. You don’t see people putting up grottos like our grandparents did.” #nolabeings #neworleans #louisianaculture @prairiedesfemmes

    My girl, Ashlee Michot.


  7. I’m back.


  8. Beautiful

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  9. it’s just downhill and into a hole forever. completely jobless and my rent is past due. what’s new? life fucking sucks


  10. Bête a bon Dieu


  11. ossun express


  12. Horace Trahan, my uncle


  13. make a pass frère.


  14. carpenter ant carrying a pecan caterpillar back to his satellite colony.


  15. shark week on shark week. if I had a boyfriend I could imagine us watching sharks all week instead of doing other things..